Tulip Paradise Purple Mix


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Bulbs such as tulips herald the arrival of spring, and there's nothing more exciting than the sight of their bold and bright colours erupting from pots and flowerbeds to mark the start of the warmer weather.
This great value collection of purple tulips will give you the ultimate display of purple tones that will certainly get your garden noticed, with their distinctive goblet flowers and sword-shaped leaves.
Spectacular whether planted directly into flowerbeds or into a favourite container, tulips are easy to grow and need very little in the way of expertise to get great results that a gardening pro would be proud of!
The size of the bulb is expressed as the girth of the bulb in centimetres, so these 10/11 tulip bulbs are a good-sized bulb that will give you tremendous, garden-worthy results. Plant these bulbs in pots or straight into flowerbeds and you will enjoy a host of flowers from late April.Supplied as a pack of 25 bulbs, size 10/11 ready for planting in autumn.


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