Tulip Double Yellow


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Also called a 'Peony Tulip' because of the striking resemblance to the double flowers of a peony, 'Double Yellow' has huge ruffled, sunshine yellow petals, which last for weeks thanks to their strong, vigorous nature.
Perfect in pots on the patio with large gatherings of the same variety or mixed up in beds and borders with other varieties such as 'Mount Tacoma' or 'Blue Diamond', 'Double Pink' are a gorgeous variety of tulip that is a great choice for creating a romantic, cottage garden display in the spring.
These blousy tulips are particularly special as a cut flower too as they are quite different and unique – why not give a bunch as a gift to a friend or family member on a special day?
Although easy to grow and care for, double tulips, with their heavy flowers, are slightly more vulnerable to wind so choose a sheltered spot away from any harsh weather conditions and plant in autumn for stunning spring displays.
Supplied as a pack of 15 bulbs, ready to plant in the autumn.


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