Trio Fruit Apple Tree


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Now you can grow three different varieties of apple in the space you'd usually need to grow just one!
With three of the most popular apples growing on one dwarfing rootstock, this trio will blossom and fruit just as they would if they were individual trees, ripening at their natural time, giving you a delicious crop of tasty, fresh apples.
The tree will thrive in a sunny border and, far from being a mere novelty, will mature into a highly productive tree. The individual varieties will pollinate each other and you can expect the first crop as soon as the year after planting.  This is also the perfect fruit tree for a large pot on the patio.
'Braeburn' – The UK's most popular eating apple variety by far and will easily grow and flourish superbly in your garden! The crisp and juicy, white-fleshed fruits have what is considered by most to be the perfect sweet/tangy flavour balance, literally providing a flavour explosion with every mouthful! The gorgeous fruit will be ready to pick fresh from your tree by mid-October.
'Golder Delicious' – An exceptionally sweet, rich flavour and a distinctive golden-green colour. They will look wonderful as they ripen on your tree from September, producing abundant crops to make delightful desserts and yummy puddings as well as keeping them to eat just as they are.
'Elstar' – A versatile variety that is delicious and juicy eaten straight from the tree, this apple's honeyed sweetness balanced with slight acidity means it is also a great for cooking – superb in cakes, desserts and apple sauce! Producing medium-sized dessert apples, 'Elstar' are bursting with juicy flavour, ready from October to December.Supplied as an established tree in a 2L pot, 80cm tall, growing on an M9 dwarfing rootstock and reaching 2.5m (8ft) in height.


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