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Growing your own fruit and veg couldn't be easier and you can Enjoy an abundance of tasty and tangy tomatoes all summer long with this collection. These tasty fruits can be picked and eaten straight from the plant or used in your cooking. A fantastic source of vitamin C and antioxidants, what is better that home-grown, healthy tomatoes?
Tomato Shirley: A cordon variety, they are a home-grower's favourite and a fantastic, versatile all-rounder, that will see you get bountiful crops of medium-sized, bright red, juicy fruits. Produced on large trusses, tomato Shirley will fruit most prolifically when side shoots are pinched out as this will encourage them to have an upright central stem. Whether grown in an unheated greenhouse or outdoors, your fruits will ripen from July onwards to give a continuous crop. Easy to grow and with excellent disease resistance, 'Shirley' has a lovely sweet, rich flavour perfect for salads, sandwiches, and sauces.
Tomato Gardeners Delight: A cropping, super-sweet, large cherry tomato is a top choice for both the beginner and experienced vegetable grower. An indeterminate variety (needs support), it can be reliably grown in a greenhouse or outdoors, producing and abundance of long trailing vines that will be ready for cropping from early summer right into October. 'Gardener's Delight' will reward with super-sweet, richly flavoured fruits with red, glossy skins – perfect for salads and sandwiches as well as for cooking. Easy to grow, all they need is a sturdy support and some pinching out of sets to encourage a tall, upright central stem.
Tomato Moneymaker: An extremely popular variety of tomato, 'Money Maker' is a favourite amongst home-grower's, producing heavy crops delicious, bright red, medium-sized fruits. Another cordon variety, they will also grow at their best when side shoots are pinched out. Each plant will then produce a succession of fruit-laden trusses that ripen from July to October providing a continuous crop. Easy to grow and with excellent disease resistance, they can be grown in either an unheated greenhouse or outdoors. 'Money Maker' is a great variety to grow and is very popular thanks to its heavy cropping, delicious flavour and uniformed fruits, a great choice for adding to your favourite dishes.
Supplied as 12 x Plug Plants (4 of each variety), ready to grow on before planting out, reaching a height of 2m.


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