Strelitzia reginae – Bird of Paradise


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Strelitzia reginae or Bird of Paradise produces spectacular, long-lasting and unique vivid orange and blue flowers, which look much like a tropical bird.
They make a stunning feature houseplant or conservatory specimen, with their tall blooms rising on vertical stems up above their glaucous leaves to 1.8m (6') tall – a florist's dream as they are incredibly long lasting!
In addition to their much-prized blooms, Strelizia grow large, paddle-shaped leaves which make an exotic, year-round architectural display even when the plants are not in flower.
A striking addition to your conservatory, and suitable as a patio plant through the summer, the bird of paradise is indeed a stunning plant – you can even plunge them pot and all, into your tropical border throughout the summer for an instant, tropical effect.
Supplied as an established young plant in a 12cm pot.


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