Golden Barrel Cactus Grusonii


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Currently bang on trend with their own Instagram following, this golden barrel cactus is suitable for beginners and experienced indoor gardeners.
Cacti have evolved for arid living - they are used to very little water, hot days and chilly nights, so are perfectly adapted to modern home living! Needing very little in the way of care, cacti are the ideal houseplant for everyone.
Happy in a sandy compost, with plenty of light and a little water now and again, your cactus will thrive as it is built to conserve moisture. It will tolerate being dry and will explode into growth when watered correctly (just don't overwater them - they hate it and will curl up their toes!).
If you want to do less and get more out of your plants, then these cacti are ideal as they are slow-growing, and this specimen is the perfect living sculpture for home decoration.
Ideal to get kids interested in gardening, this cactus is ready to place anywhere you want, from windowsills to desks and shelves.
Supplied as a single plant, ready to go on a windowsill near you now!
Remember that cacti are prickly beggars - always wear protective clothing when handling.


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