Squash (Butternut) Hawk F1 Seeds


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Specially bred for the British climate, Butternut squash 'Hawk F1' yields a good crop of yellow-orange, pear-shaped fruits with sweet, tasty yellow flesh. Fully deserving of its RHS Award of Garden Merit, this reliable variety will produce fruits of up to approximately 700g (1.5lb).
Easy to grow from seed and quick to establish, this is a great choice for novice and experienced gardeners alike, as well as ideal for introducing children to gardening as they will see fast germination followed by a satisfying spectacle as the plants produce attractive, large flowers, and then squashes that noticeably increase in size day by day over the summer.
A versatile vegetable that has grown in popularity over recent years, Butternut squash is great to cook in a variety of ways such as roasting or baking, or as an ingredient in soups, stews and curries. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it is a good source of fibre and low in calories – and it tastes great, too!
Supplied as a packet of 10 (approx.) seeds ready to sow indoors in pots or outdoors directly into their cropping position. Sow indoors March to May in small pots or outdoors in May, directly where they are to flower. Plant 90cm (36in) apart in fertile, well-drained soil. All they require to thrive is a sunny position with plenty of space for them to spread out and a liquid feed applied ever 10-14 days once the fruits start to swell. Harvest from September to October.


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