Scottish Pebbles 20-40 mm


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These top quality, rounded, natural Scottish granite pebbles are wonderfully versatile and make an excellent alternative to stone chippings and gravel anywhere in the garden. In a mixture of sizes between 20 and 40 mm and in tones of red, brown and grey they are just the thing for dry garden styles, rockeries, and for top dressing pots.
The granite is beautifully smooth and every pebble has a different pattern, from speckled to stripes and they take on an amazing depth of colour when they're wet.
The pebbles are fish friendly, so they can be safely used in aquariums, ponds and water features without the danger of it altering the pH or anything leaching out that could upset the delicate balance of the water. The pebbles are ideal for the bottom of an aquarium or for creating a beach area in a garden pond. Although they are prewashed and ready to use, we recommend they're washed again before aquatic use.
As a guide, one bag of pebbles will cover 30 cm² (1 ft²) at a depth of 60 mm (2½ in).
Supplied as a 20 kg bag.


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