Sansevieria trifasciata Laurentii


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If there was an award for the most useful houseplant, then the diehard snake plant (Sansevieria) would certainly be one of the favourites. Also known as the Mother-in-laws tongue', the Snake plant has a secret side that makes it a must-have indoor plant.
Many gardeners have known for years that Sansevieria is a great plant for the bedroom, helping you to get a good, restful night's sleep, and now we know why.
Research by NASA has shown that one of their most useful features is their ability to keep the air inside your home clean, removing toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene, and giving out valuable oxygen at night.
With gorgeous, sword-like, mottled green leaves edged in golden yellow, the Snakeskin Plant lives up to its name and is a plant that's really easy to care for and maintain. Ideal for those of us who are short of time or tend to forget about looking after houseplants. Sansevieria are tolerant of neglect, going for weeks being ignored or forgotten, yet their strappy leaves still manage to look fresh and vibrant.
An ideal houseplant, the snake plant can survive in poor light, with little water, able to go extended periods without a drop, and is resilient to pest assault!
Supplied as an established plant in a 17cm nursery pot and growing to 1.2m (4ft) tall.


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