Sageretia Bonsai Ball


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If you're looking for an interesting new horticultural hobby, then you'll find the ancient and fascinating art of bonsai intriguing and immensely satisfying!
This Chinese Sweet Plum – Sageretia has been trained by skilful cultivation into perfect miniature form. Already fully established in its own decorative ceramic pot this beautiful little tree will provide an instant focal point to any well-lit room. It may even treat you to pale yellow flowers in summer, followed by blue fruits in the autumn!
Sageretia are native to southern China and are exceptionally well suited to bonsai culture, readily branching with beautiful flaky bark and foliage tinged with red. They're easy to care for needing only a light trim each autumn to encourage branching. Water well as the compost becomes dry but avoid the tree standing in water. Feed occasionally with bonsai feed and your tree should thrive and last a lifetime or more!
During summer your tree can be moved outdoors but be careful to keep it watered and don't let it get cold overnight as bonsai love a constant unchanging temperature.
Supplied ready planted, 30-40cm tall including a 20cm ceramic bonsai pot with tray.


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