Bonsai Tree With 15cm Ceramic Dish


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Here's the perfect place to start if you want to cultivate your own Bonsai and enjoy this ancient and fascinating horticultural art form. In it's natural state the Chinese Elm – Ulmus parvifolia often reaches 25m tall yet this specimen – already 7 years old – has been trained by skilful cultivation into perfect miniiature form. Already fully established in its own decorative ceramic planter this beautiful little tree will provide an instant focal point to any well lit room.
Chinese Elms, with foliage closely resembling our more familiar native species, are particularly well suited to bonsai culture, readily branching and forming impressive gnarled trunks as they age. They're easy to care for needing only a light trim each autumn to encourage branching. Water well as the compost becomes dry but avoid the tree standing in wet.  Feed occasionally with bonsai feed (see below) and your tree should thrive and last a lifetime or more!
Your tree will enjoy a summer holiday on a table outdoors, In winter the leaves of this deciduous tree may drop but don't worry – they'll reappear in spring. Be careful and only water very sparingly during this dormant time.
*NB Colour of pot is not guaranteed 


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