Rose Timeless Charisma


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Gardeners have always, and for very good reason, loved roses and collecting and caring for them is a hobby all of its own, and 'Timeless Charisma' will make a fabulous addition!
This hybrid tea rose has gorgeous double flowers in the deepest, most delicious pink that have a fantastic perfume, so it's best to plant this rose where you can get up close to it. The luscious scent and beautiful flowers make this an incredibly impressive rose, whether planted in borders or pots, and the flowers are amazing when cut and brought into the house, filling your rooms with fragrance – a flower arranger's dream!
'Timeless Charisma' has been specifically bred by Noack Roses in Bavaria for outstanding health and fragrance, so you can be sure that this stunning rose will perform wonderfully and look good for many years.
Supplied as a freshly potted, professional quality plant in a 3L pot.


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