Old English Shrub Rose Yellow


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There really is something special and iconic about English shrub roses, which is the term for the old-fashioned type of classic rose with a centre filled with ruffled petals making the most remarkable patterns.
New breeding over many years has made the modern varieties much easier to grow in all gardens – big or small – either in larger pots or in borders and beds. This gorgeous soft-yellow variety has been bred to have both a good fragrance and superb disease resistance – not always possible with roses, but our growers have managed it!
Best of all, it is a repeat flowerer, and will bloom for 4-5 months with little deadheading, although you may wish to keep them tidy. It is a little more vigorous and less formal than Hybrid tea roses, so mix them in with other shrubs in borders too.
Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot ready for planting straight out.


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