Rose Oranges and Lemons, Papagena


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Treat yourself to something rather special and grow this dazzling bi-coloured rose. An eye-catching floribunda rose, producing masses of crazy, striped flowers which definitely pack a visual punch.
This novel variety has yellow blooms that are boldly splashed and striped with bright orange. 'Oranges and Lemons' is a repeat flowering rose, producing clusters of large, slightly fragrant blooms throughout the summer and into the autumn, contrasting beautifully with the dark green glossy foliage. Superb as a cut flower and striking in mixed flower borders.
When not in flower, you're still rewarded with colour as the new growth emerges a glossy maroon-red before transforming to a deep green – so if you're looking for something with some garden 'wow factor' then this is the rose for you.
Being a floribunda, this rose bush has good disease resistance, is hardy and easy to grow, reaching around 1m in height. Even if you've not got a garden, you can grow 'Oranges and lemons' as it's quite happy in a large pot on the patio or balcony.
The incredible colour is caused by what is known as a 'jumping gene' which creates instability in the colour genes of each flower, so it can be either of two colours. This makes each petal and each flower 100% unique, giving a lovely contrasting mix.
Floribunda Roses are often repeat flowering, produce large clusters of blooms over such a long season, making them ideal in the garden. Floribundas are hardy and robust with more disease resistant than Hybrid Teas and making them easier to grow., and the best type of rose if you're new to gardening.
Supplied as a bare-root plant, ready to plant out.


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