RocketGro Peat-Free GardenGold Seed & Cutting Compost 50L


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GardenGold Peat-Free Compost is a blend of totally organic, sustainable, and natural plant waste material from the biogas industry and composted and screened green waste. Made in Somerset from composted grass, maize, and rye, blended with composted green waste, it is 100% natural, and contains a rich source of low-level nutrients to slowly feed your soil and plants. And most importantly it is Peat-Free, and a low energy option compared to coir and other peat alternatives.
Our unique blend of natural organic products will not only provide the perfect balance of air spaces, drainage and water holding for better root growth, it will slowly feed your crops too for a season, as well as add natural beneficial microbes to the growing environment, which peat can't do.
GardenGold has a higher % of composted green waste in to reduce the natural nutrients present, and is screened for a finer particle size, so is perfect as a starter and seed-sowing compost, pricking out and growing on of small plants for use in pots up to 15cm (6') diameter.
NPK 3:1:1. 100% Vegan friendly, and animal and child safe. 100% peat free and natural. Soil Association Organic Certified for Organic Growers. Feeds for 3 Months or more.
Supplied as 1 x 50L bag of Peat Free GardenGold Seed & Cutting Compost, delivered direct to your door for ultimate convenience and free of charge.


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