Rhododendron Bollywood


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If you're looking for something that will dazzle in your garden, then the bright green and cream variegated foliage and vibrant magenta blooms of this newly introduced rhododendron will not disappoint!
New to us this season and sure to be a hit with our customers, we have managed to secure the last stock available so that we can bring it exclusively to you.
Highlighting the dullest corners of your garden with stunning colour and interest, the garden-worthy Rhododendron 'Bollywood' will delight you through most of the year with its double tiered blooms of the brightest neon pink set against its striking leaves.
Forming a neatly rounded hummock, 'Bollywood' is a compact, easy to keep shrub, and ideal for larger pots on your decking or sunny balcony and will also look great when used as an accent plant, or as a filler plant towards the front of the border.
Semi-evergreen, this hardy shrub will retain most of its leaves through the year, losing them only if the weather is particularly cold, but don't worry, they return again in the spring!
The luxurious blooms will attract a host of butterflies into your garden too as they are particularly fond of the rich nectar source found within the flowers.
Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot, ready for potting on or planting out.


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