Redcurrant Summer Pearls Red


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Redcurrants are a great starting point if you're new to growing your own soft fruit and 'Summer Pearls Red' is a wonderful variety with its gorgeous looking, wonderful tasting bunches of shiny bright red fruit.
A great source of a wide range of vitamins, this tasty superfruit is a superb addition to your favourite desserts or breakfast cereals, accompanying ice cream and for making redcurrant jelly. Harvest them by picking the whole string, they're delicious eaten straight from the bush but long lasting in the fridge and freezer too.
Redcurrants make attractive garden plants in their own right and can be easily trained as cordons and espaliers against a wall or fence. Although they produce the sweetest tasting fruit when grown in full sun, they also do well in partial shade. So easy to grow, hardy and vigorous, cropping reliably whilst requiring little care.
Supplied as and established plant in a 9cm pot and growing up to 1.5m (5ft), although it can be kept smaller through pruning.


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