Gooseberry Invicta Standard


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Gooseberry 'Invicta' is the number 1 outstanding Gooseberry variety for home gardeners – and is now available in a unique standard form! Grafted onto a long straight stem, the foliage and fruit will be produced in a ball atop the stem for a really unique productive, yet decorative display!
Producing big crops of classic green berries, almost twice as many as any other variety, 'Invicta' is one of our favourite gooseberry plant varieties and it is also mildew resistant, making it very easy to grow for even a novice 'grow your own' gardener. It has good vigour, so supports the big crops well in your garden and is winter hardy so can be left outdoors all year round.
Each summer 'Invicta' produces numerous large green fruits which are sweet enough to eat straight off the bush, but are also ideal for cooking with – something a little bit different to strawberries and raspberries that tend to be grown in home gardens.
In its standard form, it brings a different dimension to growing your own adding a real decorative feature to patios, or even straight in the border where it will add height and interest.
'Invicta' really is the all-round Gooseberry for gardens – why not try one this year?


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