Red Grape Vine Bonsai


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A truly unique and productive plant, this bonsai grape will produce bunches of red grapes year after year in virtually no space at all!
These grapes originate in Sicily, where the old plants were dug up from the commercial fields and potted up – so they feature marvellous thick stems already and have a history of productivity!
Naturally, grape vines are vigorous climbers but when trained into a bonsai form, the Vitis vinifera makes a much more compact shrub with a thick, heavily patterned trunk, with bunches of grapes hanging in decorative clusters.
Grape vines are easy to care for and grow, needing just regular watering and feeding and a sunny position. Best grown outside spring to autumn, before being moved into a cooler room over the winter.
Plants are self-fertile, and the grapes are ready to be picked when ripe in late summer to early autumn – the grapes are not affected in any way by the size of the tree.
To maintain its shape, the grape bonsai should be pruned in early winter with a sharp pair of snips.
Supplied as an established red grape plant in a 15cm pot, plants will grow as tall as you let them, but we recommend keeping them to a maximum 1.4m.
Cut back annually to the woody stem to keep your Bonsai at 1m max to allow for new growth the following year.


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