Ready to Rust Spiral Steel Plant Supports 10 Pack


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Individually hand crafted in South Lincolnshire, these handmade, curved plant supports are just the thing to keep your garden neat and your plants growing beautifully.
Ideal for most garden uses, the curved, 6mm gauge steel is especially designed for holding back perennials and shrubs with a bushy habit that can otherwise hang over paths and lawns as well as overcrowding other, smaller specimen plants, these supports hold them back and up, out of the way.
Similarly, top-heavy blooms can be spoiled as the plants tip over, so these supports keep them upright and unspoiled.
The best garden supports offer the sort of help which a plant requires in order to grow without interruptions, giving them the safety and support they need, especially for those of a delicate nature.
Dispatched in a ready-to-rust condition, these plant supports will start to develop a vintage, rusted-style finish within a very short time when exposed to the elements, so blending in with their surroundings naturally.
Constructed using raw materials of high quality, our supports are designed to withstand the elements, allowing you to use them year after year, so they work out very cost effective!
Supplied as a pack of 10 large spiral supports, 23cm (9in) wide and 106cm (42in) tall. Also Available in pack sizes of 3and 10.


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