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Have a garden bursting with delicious produce and gorgeous blooms with this Premium Seed Collection. With packets of tasty vegetables and herbs and 2 fabulous flower packets, you will have everything you need to make gorgeous cut flower displays and delicious dishes in your kitchen.
In this collection you will receive one packet each of the following seeds:

Oregano (Greek) – A hardy perennial that is perfect for growing in pots on your windowsill or patio pots or sown direct into the soil. They will fill your herb garden with their strong and aromatic hot, peppery notes, a superb choice for Mediterranean cooking. Very attractive to bees and other pollinators and will repel ants and other garden pests. Supplied as 1 packet of seeds (approx. 900).
Kale 'Dwarf Green Curled' – Very easy-to-grow and ultra-hardy, kale is a great source of winter 'greens' and is ready to harvest from September to March. A traditional variety and long-standing British culinary favourite that produced lovely dark green, densely frilled leaves with a super-sweet flavour and no bitterness. An excellent source of vitamins A and C as well as antioxidants. Supplied as 1 packet of seeds (approx. 275).
Spinach 'Samish F1' – Great for cooking in a variety of savoury dishes or eaten raw in salads, spinach 'Samish' can be picked as either baby spinach or mature leaves. An excellent source of vitamin A, and good for vitamin C and folate and are a must have for a healthy diet. 'Samish' also have an outstanding mildew resistance which ensures a long harvest period. Supplied as 1 packet of seeds (approx. 200).
Pea 'Ambassador' – Producing masses of pods per plant, 'Ambassador' peas are simply delicious. They are tasty and superbly juicy, these plump marrowfat peas are packed full of nutrients and are even suitable for freezing. They have an exceptional resistance to mildew, making them ideal for later sowings and successional cropping. Supplied as 1 packet of seeds (approx. 325).
Cucumber 'Socrates' - A fast-growing and robust cucumber variety that will provide you with plentiful crops of bitter-free mini cucumbers. An all-female variety, this means you no longer have to remove any of the male flowers, they are suitable for growing in a greenhouse or tunnel and have a very good resistance to diseases which allows for a longer growing season. Supplied as a packet of 5 seeds.
Chives – Perfect for growing in raised beds or your windowsill, they have a mild onion flavoured leaves are superb for dairy dishes, salads, and many other recipes. The decorative flowers can also be eaten and make a pretty garnish plus they are attractive to garden pollinators and will also repel insect pests. Supplied as 1 packet of seeds (approx. 500).
Cabbage 'Offenham 2' – This delicious cabbage has a superb flavour both as young 'greens' and mature, hearted cabbages. They are an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants and a must have for a healthy diet, plus they have no wastage because the outer leaves are as tasty and nutritious as the hearts. Supplied as 1 packet of seeds (approx. 350).
Leek Musselburgh – These leeks are very easy to grow and will provide you with crops of delicious flavour and texture. A heritage variety grown in the UK since the 1830s, they are healthy and hearty and are a great source of vitamins, minerals, folate, and fibre. A reliable and hardy vegetable, they also have a superb resistance to pests and extremes of temperature. Supplied as 1 packet of seeds (approx. 500).
Cosmos 'Candy Stripe' – A cottage garden classic, these old-fashioned daisy-like blooms will fill your beds and borders with lovely tall stems waft in the summer breeze. From June to September, they produce elegant white blooms that are edged in deep pink, each one standing tall on top of feathery foliage. Supplied as 1 packet of seeds (approx. 100).
Lupin 'Festival Mixed' – Fill your garden with large, showy, jewel-like flower spikes from late spring into early summer. A great choice for cottage garden charm as well as contemporary schemes. This hardy perennial will benefit from early sowing and provide you with gorgeous blooms the same year. Perfect for smaller gardens and patio displays. Supplied as 1 packet seeds (approx. 30).
Supplied as 10 x seed packets, ready to sow indoors and outdoors.


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