Pomegranate Standard Tree


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It would be easy to ignore Pomegranates as a fruit that can be grown in the UK, but you would be wrong. Yes, they do need hot summers and warm spots, but will crop here, and produce spectacular flower as a bonus, so also have good ornamental value.
A highly attractive feature tree with the added bonus of producing glossy, versatile fruits in autumn each year! With deep green foliage and bright orange flowers in summer, it will look great in your garden for years to come.The leathery skinned, glossy fruits ripen in the sun each summer and have a wonderful flavour.
Pomegranate bushes love hot summers and your bush will thrive in a sunny spot it is perfect for a patio pot. Easy to grow and completely hardy in UK (-7-10C), Pomegranates will easily tolerate our British winters and just need those long hot summers we all look forward to, to maximise fruit yields.
The fruits can be used in cooking sweet or savoury and taste great when made into refreshing, fragrant pomegranate juice! They are super-healthy and packed with antioxidants.
We suggest growing in a large pot, in well-drained compost, so you can move it into protection in winter, not to protect from frost, but to get it growing as soon as possible in spring. Outdoors they are very late back into leaf, so you lose valuable growing season time. They will produce their dark orange to red flowers in July, and then set and produce small reddish orange fruits, which need to be left on the tree as long as possible in autumn to ripen.
Supplied as a standard tree in a 22cm pot, 1.4m tall including pot.


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