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Making a welcome return to UK gardens, 'The Fairy' is a variety of Polyantha rose, a small, vigorous rambler with a low-growing habit which is invaluable as groundcover and perfect for filling patio pots with colour. AMAZING quality these roses are SUPERB value for money.
A great successor to the popular flower carpet roses, what these roses lack in fragrance, they certainly make up for in looks and performance, producing wave after wave of perfectly formed rose flowers in large, closely packed bunches. These contrast magnificently against the glossy green leaves, which really highlight the colours, making the blooms 'pop'.
As well as their gorgeous looks, 'The Fairy' series of polyantha roses are also extremely hardy with good disease resistance, forming neat, compact bushes which makes them ideal for growing in patio pots and the front of flower borders.
Flowering continuously from June until the first frosts, these delicate little roses are extremely versatile and very low maintenance, which makes them the perfect addition to your garden where they can be left to get on and do what they do best!
Rosa 'The Fairy Pink' is a soft pink with rosettes of gorgeous double blooms. Forming a well-branched plant with typical glossy, dark green leaves, Fairy Pink is undemanding and flowers well into the autumn.
Growing to just 40 – 60cm (2 – 3ft) we send a professional quality plant in a 1.5L pot ready to plant now.


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