Pittosporum tenuifolium Variegatum


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With green-grey leaves edged in cream, this eye-catching shrub stands out beautifully among other plants, where its unusual colouring lightens up even the gloomiest of borders.
The fabulous creamy variegated leaves are brightest when new growth emerges in spring and summer, remaining bright and neat all year round – even in winter – giving you a real year-round garden feature.
New leaves unfurl ivory-white before taking on their characteristic grey and cream shading, and it's not unusual for the creamy margins of the leave to develop a soft pinkish tinge that gives the bush a striking blushed appearance.
This Pittosporum is quite unusual, and works really well as a low maintenance feature in your garden. Easy to grow, it also makes a fabulous addition to cut flower displays, where a fresh branch provides a contemporary twist to a vase.
Supplied as a standard plant in a 9cm pot, ready for immediate planting.


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