Pink Silk Tree Albizia julibrissin Rosea


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This exotic deciduous tree comes to life in late-spring with the emergence of wonderful, fern-like foliage – and reaches a crescendo of colour in mid-late summer when the incredible, fluffy, bright pink flowers cover every branch – each one carrying a lovely fragrance! Hardy enough to withstand all but the worst frosts, it is ideal for a pot or sunny border.
Also known as the Pink Silk Tree, Albizia Rosea is ideal as a feature plant in Mediterranean-style gardens, where the fine foliage makes a particularly attractive feature in its own right.
Hardy throughout most of the UK, the silk tree benefits from planting near a south-facing wall for a little winter protection, helping it to retain its leaves for a little longer into the autumn.
The dainty leaves of the silk tree slowly close during the night and during periods of heavy rain to protect itself from damage, giving it an alternative name of 'night sleeper'. In Japan its common names (of which there are several) all mean 'sleeping tree', so don't be surprised if your tree looks a little droopy at times – it's just resting!
Reaching up to 4 x 2.5m, you will receive an established young plant in a 3L pot.


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