Bottlebrush Plant Callistemon citrinus


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Who could resist touching the fluffy red cylindrical flower heads that drip from the branches of this evergreen shrub during late spring and summer? Not many. But this native of Australia has more going for it than just its 'stroke me' qualities.  
The tiny leaves that cover its arching branches release a delicious lemony scent when brushed, and its arching branches provide all year round interest. Wherever you plant it its perfect as specimen in the lawn, grown against a wall or fence, or planted in large pots. A real sun lover, give it the brightest spot possible.
You need to water a bottlebrush for its first season, but when established plants are extremely drought tolerant. Protect it in harder winters by covering with fleece or grow in pots so it can be moved indoors (a shed, front porch, garage or conservatory would be ideal).


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