Phlebodium Blue Star (Bears Paw Fern)


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Not your ordinary fern, the Bears Paw Fern (Plebodium 'Blue Star) is an attractive and vigorous houseplant with a subtle deep blue-green leaf colour, looking almost like an exotic indoor seaweed!
Evergreen, it does not lose its leaves and retains its wonderful colour all year, making it a decorative and striking plant to decorate your home – perfect to give as a gift or a housewarming present.
As the plant grows, the fronds develop finger-shaped lobes as they mature, held on long stems and looking very much like an outstretched paw, hence its more common name of Bear's Paw or Rabbit Foot.
Easy to grow and look after, your Bear's Paw will tolerate low light and as a natural inhabitant of tropical rainforests, Plebodium does like its humidity high so is perfect for a bathroom or kitchen where it will thrive in a bright spot, out of direct sunlight.
An interesting and unusual fern, Blue Star is also perfect for cutting and flower arranging so don't be afraid to conjure up your inner designer!
Supplied as an established plant in a 12cm pot, growing to around 30cm x 30cm.
Note Decorative pot in images is for display purposes only and is not supplied.


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