Philadelphus coronaria (Mock Orange)


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Philadelphus coronaria will be clothed in a profusion of creamy-white flowers with delicate yellow stamens throughout June and July. Probably one of the most scented of garden plants, everyone will notice its beautiful citrus fragrance as they walk past – well-deserving of its common name of 'Mock Orange'.
An ideal specimen plant for a large container on your patio or decking, you can position it near your house so that the gorgeous scent can drift into your home. As the blooms finish, they shed their petals like a snowstorm, looking for all the world like white cherry blossom carpeting the ground.
From spring to early summer, large, soft-green leaves cover the upright stems, making the perfect foil for other plants of contrasting foliage and flowers. Being deciduous, the plant will lose its leaves in the autumn through winter, bursting into life again in early spring with pale green leaves that will darken as they mature.
Plant in the back of beds and borders where they have room to grow, or near paths or seating areas where the scent can be enjoyed.
Supplied as an established plant in a 2L pot, ready to plant out.


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