Peach Prunus persica Suncrest


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Just imagine biting into your own juicy, homegrown peaches - perfect to enjoy picked straight from the tree!
With gorgeous pink blossom in spring followed by sumptuous red-blushed fruits, Prunus persica 'Suncrest' is the ideal peach for your kitchen garden.
Despite their reputation as being a bit of a specialist fruit, peaches are remarkably easy to grow, and 'Suncrest' is well suited to the UK climate, being self-fertile with blooms that are relatively frost tolerant.
The large, firm fruits are called 'freestone', which means that the flesh separates easily from the stone, making 'Suncrest' great for eating and cooking, and it is definitely one of the best-tasting peaches, with an exceptional flavour.
Supplied as an established plant, 90-110cm tall in a 5L pot, ready to plant out now.


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