Peach Amber Patio Fruit Tree in a 7.5L Pot


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One of the best-sellers from world-leading Dwarf fruit tree breeder Zaiger, Peach Amber is a really special tree for your garden. Starting with a beautiful display of rose-pink blossom in Spring, it is self-fertile so will produce crops of sumptuous juicy peaches, with a deep golden amber flesh (hence it's name), and lovely red skins. Amazingly sweet in taste, it really is Perfection in Peaches, and performs really well in the UK. As with all peaches here, best results can be obtained by helping pollinate the tree by using a simple soft artist's paintbrush, and rubbing it from flower to flower when it in blossom. They blossom early, and there aren't always enough bees on the move at that time of year. Keep foliage dry in Spring to avoid Peach leaf Curl – under a canopy is fine. You will be rewarded with amazing crops of juicy, amber-fleshed peaches – they just taste sublime picked warm form the sun on their backs, straight form the tree.


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