Peace Lily Spathiphyllum Sweet Silver


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An absolute favourite of ours, the Peace Lily has got to be one of the most reliable and versatile indoor plants that you can get. With its beautifully glossy, dark green leaves and large white flower spathes that last for weeks, it's instantly recognisable as the ultimate houseplant and an absolute must have decoration for your home.
Blooming in spring, the flowers of 'Sweet Silver' are actually tiny, insignificant yellow bumps carried on a small floral spike and its actually the more noticeable, pure-white bracket (spathe) which is thought of as the flower.
Perfect for indoor growing, the Peace Lily has been shown in NASA studies to clean and purify the air in your home – making the top 10 – filtering out pollutants and neutralising gasses such as carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde. This makes it perfect for the bedroom, where it can help you get a better night's sleep!
Not only a beautiful houseguest, it's low maintenance and very easy to grow. Spathiphyllum helps you recognise when it needs a drink by gently drooping its leaves – then once watered it'll pick up within the hour! Marvellous!
Supplied as an established plant in a 13cm pot, plants will eventually reach around 1m (3ft) high and around 50cm (20in) wide.
Note Decorative pot in images is for display purposes only and is not supplied.


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