Patio Raspberry Sweet Sunshine


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Traditionally, raspberries are large, thorny bushes that take up a lot of space in the garden, but 'Sweet Sunshine' has turned that on its head.
This exceptional raspberry will produce lots of thornless, short-branched canes that grow to no more than 1 m (3 ft). This thick clump of canes produces heavy crops on established plants, and it's an early cropper, starting to fruit in June. The fruit is deliciously plump and juicy and absolutely packed with flavour. Pluck them straight from the bush for a tasty snack or add them to desserts or make jam. A real taste of summer from your very own patio!
'Sweet Sunshine' is a floricane variety, meaning that is bears fruit on year old canes. They're easy to grow. In November, all you need to do it cut back any canes that have fruited that year, leaving the remaining stems to fruit the following year. For best results, grow in a large pot at least 30 cm (1 ft) in diameter, allowing room for growth in a sunny position for the best tasting fruit.
Supplied as 3 established plants in 9cm pots, ready for planting and growing to a height of 1 m (3 ft) and spread of 50 cm (20 in).


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