Patio Nectarine Garden Beauty


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This compact Nectarine tree will deliver years of pleasure in your garden with both pretty, fragrant flowers in Spring followed by yellow flesh fruits in Summer.  Bred by Zaiger in the USA, the World's leading Patio fruit breeder, it is genetically dwarf, and self-branching, so even over many years will not exceed 3ft.
Nectarine 'Garden Beauty' is ideal for grown in a large pot in a sunny, sheltered position.  In early spring your tree will be smothered in deep pink, semi double fragrant flowers, which should be protected from frosts by covering with fleece cover. This variety is self-fertile so does not require another plant for pollination. You will then be rewarded with fruit late Summer when you are able to pick sweet juicy, full flavoured nectarines straight off the tree – not as karge as those in the supermarket, but fresh and juicy all the same! 
Get a taste of the Med on your Patio this year.


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