Patio Campsis Yellow Trumpet


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This colourful and exotic looking 'trumpet vine' is the perfect exotic climber to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your patio this summer!
Create the most wonderful bold and bright climbing display that's ideal for growing around terraced and patio areas where the colourful blooms will smother walls and structures in a profusion of flowers through the summer each and every year.
Bearing the classic 'trumpet' shaped flowers from which they bear their name, the contrast between the golden flowers against the backdrops of glossy green leaves is a real eye-catcher.
Vigorous and fast growing, you'll produce a display to show off in no time, but you can keep the vines in check with a little prune every year and what's even better is their resistance to pests and diseases that make them an easy choice to grow!
Best of all, these Campsis Trumpet Vines are an absolute magnet to bees, butterflies and other beneficial wildlife and will have your garden buzzing with life in no time.
Supplied as an established plant in a 2L pot, ready to plant out.


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