Pair of Rhubarb Sanvitos


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Why not try growing your very own delicious Rhubarb at home?
The fabulous pair of Rhubarb plants will give you a delicious crop twice a year of 'Sanvitos Early' and 'Sanvitos Summer'. Rhubarb is very easy and incredibly rewarding to grow and perfect for gardeners of all abilities.

'Sanvitos Early' is an excellent early rhubarb variety and you can expect to pick fresh, juicy sticks from April each year. The dazzling, bright red stems not only look spectacular but have a lovely, balanced flavour that is much less acidic than many varieties, making it ideal for making scrumptious crumbles and jams.
'Sanvitos Summer' is a versatile rhubarb that will produce delicious, juicy sticks in spring, and as a day-neutral variety, there is no summer dormancy. The vivid bright red stems are stringless and wonderfully tender with a delicious, sweet flavour and well-balanced acidity, making it ideal for making tangy pies and preserves.
We suggest picking sparingly in the first year to allow your plants to establish, and you'll be rewarded with armfuls of delicious rhubarb to harvest each year for many, many years to come! Ideal in the vegetable garden or grow your rhubarb in a large container.
Supplied as 2 x established plants in 9cm pots, ready to plant out.


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