Pachira Aquatica


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If you're looking for a striking and yet undemanding houseplant, then Pachira aquatica is the plant for you.
With gorgeous twining stems and luxurious, palmate leaves, this is an exotic-looking plant that will be the talking point of your home.
Also known as the money tree, guiana chestnut or the saba nut, Pachira is a native of Central and Southern America, and thrives near wetlands and swamps hence its name 'aquatica'.
It loves soil that is moist at all times, so it's virtually indestructible and as it also thrives in indirect light, so growing it indoors is a piece of cake.
Preferring a warm, light position, a little shade is also well tolerated by this sturdy houseplant and it requires very little maintenance – just position it in the brightest area of your home and leave it to do its thing.
Supplied as a potted plant in a 12cm nursery pot.


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