Organic Raspberry Autumn Amber


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New to us for 2019, this completely thornless and vigorous golden autumn raspberry has been bred in the UK by the world-famous East Malling Research facility.
Primocane raspberries are the big gardeners' breakthrough – they produce fruit on NEW stems, so you get fruit in the same year as you plant them, rather than wait a year for old-fashioned types.
In addition, you can increase cropping by tip pruning existing canes which then develop side shoots for a truly phenomenal harvest of raspberries.
Easy to grow, upright and robust, the canes are completely thornless and can be grown in a large container using bamboo for support so you don't even need a garden, and they're fully hardy and easy to keep as well, just cut back old, fruited canes to the ground in spring.
The very large, firm, conical fruit have a beautiful, apricot colour and a fabulous, gourmet flavour which develops as the berries ripen, so wait until the fruits turn from yellow to apricot before picking.
Supplied as an established plant in a 12cm pot ready for immediate planting, plants reach approx. 2m tall and 60cm wide and you can expect your first fruits from the middle of August through September.


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