Raspberry Polka


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'Polka' is simpy the best garden grown raspberry you can get. That's a bold claim, but it combines quick first year fruiting being a primocane variety, with exceptional large fruit sizes and big big yields well into the Autumn.
Primocane raspberries are the big gardeners' breakthrough – they produce fruit on NEW stems, so you get fruit in the same year as you plant them, rather than wait a year for old-fashioned types. And planting them as 'short cane', where they are cut back to 25cm or so above ground level means they require less support to get going.
'Polka' yields up to 5lbs (2.2Kg) PER plant once establsihed, so you can look forward to picking big juicy crops of raspberries form August well into October, as this Autumn fruiting special keeps on fruiting.
If you are going to grow raspberries, make sure it's 'Polka'…


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