Organic Fruit Bush Collection – 3 bushes


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If you've ever wanted to grow your own soft fruit but are not sure where to start, not sure what to grow or simply don't think you have enough space, then this Organic Berry Collection is a fantastic place to start!
We've picked some of the best varieties to give you a complete selection, and bumper crops from this year onwards in a complete set – plus they're all thornless or have very few prickles so you can throw those gardening gloves away!
Growing fruit is incredibly rewarding & surprisingly easy, and of course your home-grown fruit will taste simply delicious! Perfect for eating fresh, the possibilities are endless – turn them into jam, bake them into puddings, even make your own wine…
Now is the perfect time to plant and all of the included varieties are perfect for the British climate which makes them incredibly easy to grow. All of these varieties will produce large crops on compact bushes, perfect for patio pots and containers – you don't even need a garden!
Organically grown by expert nurserymen, these berries are rich in vitamins as well as minerals such as potassium and magnesium so are a very healthy addition to your garden – true super fruits!
Supplied as established plants in 12cm pots, ready for planting out, you'll get 1 each of;
Organic Gooseberry 'Lady Sun', a nearly thornless, soft-skinned, yellow gooseberry, perfect for containers. H100cm x W60cm, Fruits July.Organic Blackberry 'Oregon Thornless', a versatile thornless blackberry with heavy crops of juicy, glossy black fruits from late summer. H250cm x H250cm, Fruits Aug – Sept.Organic Raspberry 'Autumn Amber', large, apricot-coloured berries with a gourmet flavour. H250cm x W60cm, Fruits Aug – Sept.


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