Nectarine Flavortop


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'Flavortop' is an extremely vigorous, heavy cropping nectarine that produces large fruit with an exceptionally good flavour.
As early as February, beautiful fragrant pink flowers open, followed in summer by gorgeous looking nectarines that have smooth, red skins and deliciously sweet and juicy golden yellow flesh.
Although 'Flavortop' is hardy outdoors in the UK, the blossom is susceptible to damage from frost, particularly as it begins to flower so early in the spring. For this reason, we recommend that you grow it in a large pot so that it can be overwintered under cover before moving outside and brought back indoors if a frost is expected.
'Flavortop' will bear good crops in its first two or three years, but after that you can expect much larger harvests as the tree matures, and as it's self-fertile too, although you can increase yields but hand-pollinating the flowers.
Very similar in taste and texture to peaches, but without the furry skin, nectarines are delicious eaten fresh from the tree, as well as cooked in tasty desserts, and the flesh of 'Flavortop' falls away from the stone easily and cleanly, making them simple to prepare.
Supplied as an established tree in a 7.5L pot, 1.6-1.8m (5-6ft) tall and growing to a height of 3m (10ft) and spread of 2m (6½ft) in 5 years.


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