Nandina Lemon and Lime – Heavely Bamboo


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Also known as Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina will bring bright and dazzling colour to your borders or patio pots. Nandina is totally invaluable during the winter when there's little colour around.
Not unlike a colourful version of our own native holly, Nandina has a bushy upright habit, with toothpick-straight stems making it an excellent candidate for containers – and this variety, 'Lemon and Lime' has gorgeous bright yellowy-green leaves that will turn into a brighter shade of lime green as times goes on.
As it's evergreen, Nandina retains its foliage throughout the year and depending on where you plant it. In a bright and sunny spot, the foliage will take on much brighter tones, however, if you plant yours in a shaded area, the green of 'Lemon and Limes' leaves will take on a deeper and darker tone. They are super easy to grow – just plant yours in your desired spot and leave it to shine.
Supplied as and established plant in a 17cm pot, ready to pot on or plant out.


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