Nandina domestica Twilight


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Also known as Heavenly or Sacred Bamboo, Nandina will bring a bright flash of dazzling colour to your borders or patio pots, making it invaluable in winter when there's little colour around.
Not unlike a colourful version of our own native holly, Nandina 'Twilight' has a bushy, upright habit with toothpick-straight stems, making it an excellent candidate for containers – and this particular variety has beautiful variegated leaves that give off a sultry pink glow.
Being evergreen, Nandina retains its foliage throughout the year and the colours take on deeper and more saturated hues as the temperature dips. A true multi-season feature plant, in spring, new leaves emerge flushed with pink, green and cream; then in summer, small creamy white flowers are followed by green berries, before the leaves develop more colour and the berries turn sealing-wax red – just superb!
Really easy to grow - just plant it and enjoy a spectrum of delightful colours through the seasons.
Supplied as an established plant in a 3-litre pot, ready to plant.


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