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Nandinas, also known as Heavenly or Sacred Bamboo, are amongst the best shrubs you can grow for adding bright flashes of dazzling colour to your borders or patio pots. They are invaluable during the winter when there's little colour around.
Not unlike a colourful version of our own native holly, Nandina has a bushy upright habit, with toothpick-straight stems making it an excellent candidate for containers. As they are evergreen, they will retain their foliage throughout the year and the colours change as temperatures dip, taking on deeper and more saturated hues.
In this collection your will receive:

Nandina Domestica 'Firepower' – With its bamboo-like habit, 'Firepower' is a beautiful and compact shrub, producing several upright stems from a tight clump of foliage which is mid-green during spring and summer. Tinged with red and purple on new shoots, it also produces clusters of small white flowers in summer, that become shiny red berries in autumn, which is the time that the real show begins as the leaves change colour. The evergreen leaves become a spectacular bonfire orange and red, for stunning autumn colour which transforms to deeper maroon as it gets colder and the berries change to brighter and brighter red, so the whole plant is a frenzy of colour throughout winter. Grows to 50cm.
Nandina Domestica 'Obsessed' – This particular variety has amazing, variegated leaves which give off a sultry pink glow. A true multi-season feature plant, in spring new leaves emerge flushed pink, green and cream, then in summer, small creamy-white flowers are followed by green berries, before the leaves develop more colour and the berries turn sealing-wax red – just superb! Grows to 120cm. 
They are very easy to grow, they look great when planted in a pot, so you can move it near the door to lift your spirits on dark days, or equally at home in the soil in a mixed border planting. In Japan, they are traditionally grown near a door, so if you awake from a nightmare, you can tell your Nandina about your dream so that it cannot harm you!
Supplied as 2 x established plants in 12cm pots, ready to plant out.


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