Musa Tropicana (Banana)


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Musa 'Tropicana' is a dwarf form of banana plant that can easily be kept as an indoor house plant due to its compact, yet fast-growing nature, bringing a lush, tropical feel to your home.
The perfect miniature tree, 'Tropicana' has a symmetrical growth habit and a slightly wavy edge to its huge leaves. Although it is unlikely to produce fruit in the UK, it will grow into a handsome specimen indeed!
A conservatory is an ideal place to grow your Musa, as it will provide humidity, brightness and plenty of room to grow – just what this plant desires in order to thrive. Your banana can also be grown outside during the summer in a sheltered location to prevent wind damage to the paddle-shaped leaves and then brought back into the house when cold weather threatens.
As well as looking gorgeous, your Banana is also a useful houseguest, as according to a NASA study they will help keep the air in your home clean by filtering out pollutants and improving the oxygen content.
Supplied as an established plant in a 12cm pot, plants will reach approx 1-2m high.
Note The decorative pot in images is for display purposes only and is not supplied.


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