Miniature Daffodils


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Narcissi are essential for any spring garden, waving goodbye to winter and welcoming spring with their wonderfully bright trumpet flowers, and that's what this collection of a hundred miniature daffodils will do to perfection.
This superb collection includes a mixture of shades and flower shapes that look amazing planted together and they're perfect for underplanting trees and shrubs or in natural looking drifts through borders and lawns. They're also fantastic for filling pots and window boxes and ideal cut flowers too.
Their short stems make them particularly robust and able to withstand spring winds that can so often flatten taller varieties, so they'll always look perfect. Grow them in sun or partial shade in free draining soil and they'll naturalise, gradually multiplying over they years to give you more and more flowers. Nothing could be easier.
Supplied as 100 bulbs, size 8/10, ready to plant in autumn, growing to a height of 25 cm (10 in) and spread of 10 cm (4 in).


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