Mallow Malva sylvestris Primley Blue


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Rarely offered for sale and new to our range, this is your chance to get a superb, long flowering perennial plant that will fill your garden with vivid blue flowers.
Malva 'Primley Blue' is a compact perennial Mallow, growing to around 1m (3-4ft) and producing a spectacular show of blue flowers from June to October.
Its lobed, green leaves are also an attractive feature being roughly heart-shaped, bringing texture and form to your garden.
Perfect for growing in a pot, particularly if your soil is on the heavy side, your mallow will form a mound of dark-veined, blue flowers for a long period.
An easy plant to grow for even beginner gardeners, 'Primley Blue' is reliable and fully hardy, returning to your garden year after year.
Supplied as 3 x established plants, in 9cm pots, ready for immediate planting. Dormant November to March.


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