Magical Water Magnetiser


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Magnetic water conditioners have become popular for helping to reduce the amount of limescale in without the need for a power supply are any plumbing.
Traditional water softeners use salt to reduce calcium carbonate in tap water, preventing pipes, taps and water tanks from becoming gradually more and more clogged with limescale. As a result, the water coming out of household taps has high salinity, which isn't good for people to drink, or plants either.
The Magical Magnetiser uses neodymium magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnets commercially available, to energise the water passing through it, causing molecules to cluster together. This results in purer water but with no additional chemicals, leading to the better absorption of nutrients by plant roots. This reduces the amount of fertiliser needed whilst boosting plant growth for healthier foliage and more flowers and fruit.
Easy to install with no tools required, the Magical Magnetiser simply clamps around your hose pipe and will last a lifetime with no maintenance whatsoever. Dimensions 10.5 cm (4 in) long, 6 cm (2½ in) wide with a depth of 4.5 cm (1¾ in), weight 550 g (1.2 lb).


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