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Everyone loves magnificent lilies growing in the garden, where they are amongst the most beautiful and exotic looking summer flowers, and we're excited to bring you this wonderful collection of dwarf Oriental Lilies.
Part of the 'Romance' Lily series bred by the famous G.A. Verdegall in the Netherlands, they boast the same familiar, extravagant flowers and delicious scent as other Oriental Lilies, yet are only half the height, growing to just 50cm tall. This makes them absolutely perfect for growing in pots, where they look fabulous grouped together, and of course, they bring a fantastic exotic feel to beds and borders too.
Once the large, upward facing flowers burst open, they last for up to three weeks, creating a spectacular display in your garden, and there is no better flower for creating dramatic indoor arrangements.
Each bulb will initially produce up to four flowers, and left in the ground all year, they'll come back bigger and better with even more flowers year after year.
Supplied as a collection of 18 blubs, size 13/14, 6 of each variety:
'Fine Romance' – Beautiful pale pink flowers with a flush of yellow and dark edges petals.'Smart Romance' – Warm pink flowers with maroon speckles.'Rapid Romance' – Spectacular pink and white flower, looking very similar to 'Stargazer'.


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