Lily Oriental Big News


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Lilies are without doubt one of the most striking and beautiful summer flowers, and the new and highly desirable Oriental Lily, 'Big News' is no exception. Boasting huge, extravagant blooms that are the most flawless, purest white with an incredibly rich, heady perfume, this is truly magnificent!
The elegant, 20cm long white buds burst open into upward-facing, perfectly formed blooms that reach 30cm in diameter with gently arching, wavy petals. Stunning as cut flowers, making for bold, dramatic indoors displays, they also look fabulously decadent when grown in groups in large pots, and of course, they're perfectly at home in your beds and borders. Wherever you plant 'Big News' it'll be impossible to miss.
Planted in spring or autumn, they'll return every year, bigger and better, and so easy to grow and care for, especially considering the amazing display that they give.
Supplied as a collection of 20 bulbs ready for immediate planting.


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