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It's fascinating that a plant found everywhere in the UK, usually as a formal hedge, actually makes a fantastic bonsai, and that's exactly what Ligustrum, or Privet is! Grown in a shallow plastic pot, this bonsai has been lovingly grown into an 'S' shape to show off its trunk and branches. Covered in glossy oval leaves, summer will see it produce tiny white scented flowers which are followed by small black fruits (which shouldn't be eaten).
A great choice for beginners wanting to learn about the enchanting art of bonsai, or for those who want to add to their collection, Privet is a strong plant that takes well to bonsai styling techniques and produces a good thick trunk. Very fast growing, low maintenance, easy to prune and not too fussy about where it should be positioned, it's no surprise that this is an all-time favourite! As it's so vigorous, this is a hungry tree needing plenty of food and water. It's important not to let the shoots grown too long, as the tree will lose its 'miniature' appearance, so when shoots are 4cm long trim them back to the first pair of new leaves.
Ligustrum, like all bonsai, has a symbolic meaning, and in this case it is peace and friendship, making it a beautifully thoughtful gift to somebody special.
Quite a hardy bonsai, it can be kept outdoors for much of the year if you wish, and especially summer.


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